Today, the very essence of being a 4 is having my feelings hurt when notes on my MRI come back that my brain is "unremarkable."

...Which is exactly the best answer in this situation. But damn. "Unremarkable." That hurts.

😥 😆 🤣

Just to say this somewhere that it may actually help someone..
Never. Ever. Stick a random USB drive in your computer.

It's the equivalent of "Don't stick your d*ck in crazy," and can ruin your day/life just as thoroughly.

Found it on the ground? Don't👏 Use👏 It👏

Someone left it in the library? Don't👏 Use👏 It👏

You may not see it do anything. It may seem fine. It may even be fine for a month, and then the malware activates and there goes your identity.

American Politics 

Shut the front door, Beto just announced.
He's running!

‪"People are like musical instruments and the range of notes they can play is dependent on the range of tensions that they've learned to hold." -- Graham Duncan‬

I think it would be so cool to be in the “mystic” camp, but mystic experience is just not something available to me right now, apparently.

Christian Elitism? 

So I think about this quote a lot, "If you dig a pit for others to fall into, you will fall into it yourself."

I've seen it attributed to Rumi, but when I just googled to verify.... it's also *basically* a Proverb.

I was taught to discount anything that didn't source from the Bible.

Later, I rebelled, and would reject it for being sourced from the bible.

... And still, the wisdom of it surpasses its source text.

I feel shortchanged by the myopia of my fathers.

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