@jennifersiler Wish I could be at this one! I'll catch up with you all next time, though!

@JohnTrue I am so here for the story about how you and your wife were missionaries even though neither of you were super into it! That is, if you feel like sharing. That's fascinating! And I hope not hard/harmful for either of you...

@VanessaR @Julee I started with the interviews that sounded interesting to me--Jon Foreman and David Dark (I'm big fans of both)---and then I went from there. He is incredible at interviewing people! Seriously--so so good!

@courtkiol This sounds amazing! How did you find this group? I would definitely be in if I were in Dallas!

@Julee @VanessaR I second The Unravel! Any idea if he's going to make more episodes? I miss it!

@jordanmims Yes! I'll be there with quite a few other liturgists in the area! It would be great to meet you!

Hey hey, Houston Liturgists! Meetup Saturday, Feb. 23, 6 pm! Come say hello!

@martaparta Most of the time it just sort of sounds like fun to me. But then a coworker was telling me about this guy in Houston who like has his own temple or something and she went to see him and he gave some very specific information about her life that has come true (like that her daughter who was told she couldn't have kids would have two, a boy and a girl), and honestly that just sort of freaked me out. I'm fine when it's a joke, though...

@denisew Following. I know nothing except the little context a quick google search led me to, but I'm a bit concerned...

@JamesP77 I don't disagree, but I would give up any wisdom I've gained in a second if I could have back my uncle and my friend, and if my cousin and her kids could have their husband/father, and if my friend could have her parents--all people lost in the last few years. I'm not sure what good wisdom is when all I love are suffering such deep pain.

@jdschroeder @craigery Really the same thing happened to me. I'm grateful to still listen to them without feeling weird about it. (I can't do that from any other music from that period in my life...)

@craigery @jdschroeder umm...I'm still a huge Switchfoot fan! Most of their lyrics aren't overtly religious and even the ones that are don't feel judgmental to me. And honestly they go out of their way to make their music accessible to people who believe and people who don't. I know quite a few Switchfoot fans who are atheists or agnostics. Anyway, I'm pretty excited for their upcoming tour! Their shows are the best :)

@roberttheiv Yes! It was hard, but once I jumped feet first into uncertainty, I began to see the beauty and freedom found there.

@Danielle It's amazing, right?!? I just wish it weren't on facebook.

Hi! I'm Megan, 28, and an enneagram 5 living in Houston. I was a pastor's kid who took a long, meandering walk out of evangelicalism over the course of several years. (Fun story: For about a year or so, I was a Liturgist patron while working at a charismatic publishing company--fun times!) Spirituality is still important to me, but I don't really have "beliefs" per se, so I'm trying to figure out what that looks like now that I finally feel ready to start exploring again.

@jordanmims There are a bunch of us in Houston! Jen is pretty great about setting things up. Hope to see you on the 23rd!

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