Just spent a few happy moments recreating Mathman from Square 1.
For all those who know, I hope the voice and/or the theme song is now stuck in your head :)

Worship music 

I don’t agree with the theology necessarily, but damn I love playing and singing some Tommy Walker tunes.

Last Sunday was a week of rewriting worship lyrics in my head while singing, or internally adjusting to definitions to those I resonate with.
I am one of 3 different folk that rotate leading music and 5 of us who rotate speaking. I love the multiple perspectives, but the mental gymnastics are a bit much sometimes. Luckily it’s my week so I can pick the songs that make others bend.

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I love The Good Place and Grace and Frankie and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Have also watched them multiple times (I love picking up on what I missed before) I am suddenly realizing how much tv I watch while i am doing chores. 😱

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On the fourth day he created the grain in the fields.
On the fifth day he created the sheep in the pastures and wood of the forrest.
On the sixth day he realised there were still no bricks and offerred 2 grain to trade.
Realising there was noone to trade with he created Man, who produced bricks and took the deal for grain.
On the seventh day finally God was able to build a settlement.
Then he surveyed all he had made and thought I should go for the longest road.

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If you are so inclined, tomorrow in the midst of your Valentine’s Day, please spare a moment to think about, pray for, or do-whatever-you’d-do, for the 17 families who lost a child or loved one last year at the Stoneman Douglas shooting. I live in this community. I work in its school system. A former student of mine is a teacher who hid children in her room for hours. The world moves on, and yet it doesn’t. I can’t begin to imagine what the world is like for people who lost family that day.88?

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Hey @mike have you heard the latest Hidden Brain episode about the left and right brain featuring Ian McGilchrist? I hadn't heard of the big-small picture distinction. Did you come across this in your initial research? Makes me reconsider how some prefer concrete, facts, details with faith while others are okay with nuance, metaphor and trajectories.


Reading James Cone “Said I Wasn’t Gonna Tell Nobody” to preach on lessons from Black Liberation Theology.

Really hoping I don’t fuck this up.

Trying to wrap my head around how to fight the national American character that is and seems to always have been exploitative and opportunistic

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Yesterday watched John Leguizamo’s “Latin History for Morons”, and today watched “I am Not Your Negro”.

Important and rough.

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@Jcostanc Eddie Izzard's "Believe Me." It's hilarious and fascinating, and about 14 hours long because he keeps wandering off on extra "footnotes" he thinks of while reading the book.

Just read this:
“Someone once told me that giving a person a story about why they are in pain is one of the most powerful things you can ever do. Taking away the story for your pain is just as powerful.”

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When things are hectic, it's okay to say no or tell someone to ask you again later.

Watching the documentary “An Honest Liar” on PBS, wild and wonderful!

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I haven’t come up with a good pun in a while. Yeah, no joke.

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I heard that my great, great grandfather invented certain parts of the modern clock. Though, I don’t know for sure since it’s second hand information.

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I have never deconstructed, just slowly adjusted thinking as new information was presented, probably my math degree showing. I know what I know, which isn’t that much, and I don’t assume past that.

Last year was my year of losing my identity, and this is the year of failure, or coming to peace with failure.

Also I adore throwing cast parties for our local community theatre, because a room full of outcasts singing karaoke is fan-freaking-tastic.

I am a 39 cis-gendered Jacobsexual (that’s my husband’s name). A PK with 2 kids 8 & 11 who are spectacular.

In the past I started a non-denom church, with a pastor friend, he left, and we persisted becoming much more mystical and affirming of all sorts, which has led to us becoming smaller and smaller and probably dying soon. It is a house church with a cafe/music venue.

What is something you get evangelical about? The things others maybe wish you would shut up about.

Examples and counter examples:
I am Christian, but not evangelical.
I am vegan, but not evangelical.
On the other hand, I am evangelical about
The musical Hamilton
The book “Why Buddhism is True”
Circadian rhythms
Waiting for my ancient cat to die, things like that.

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