So leaving my parents behind at our old church has been hard but my mother in law went with us to the new church today and she loves it too. So while we have lost one faith community with family members, it looks like we have gained another with different family members. Life is so interesting sometimes.

Mental Health 

Changing Churches 

Food Allergies Suck. 

My husband and I are off to NYC tomorrow to FINALLY get a few days just to ourselves! Any food suggestions? We like anything really!

Church Camp 

Leaving Church- Part 3 

I feel like today will be one of those days where I will shout "Serenity Now" multiple times. Happy Monday!

Annoyed and Swearing 

RHE and Me 

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Bedtime and Kids 

Leaving Church Saga Part 2 

Leaving My Church 


Mother Nature 

Gun Violence 

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