So leaving my parents behind at our old church has been hard but my mother in law went with us to the new church today and she loves it too. So while we have lost one faith community with family members, it looks like we have gained another with different family members. Life is so interesting sometimes.

Mental Health 

I’m struggling. I just need to say it out loud. My therapy appointment on Saturday can’t come soon enough.

Changing Churches 

I didn’t think switching to this affirming church would be so fucking hard. I have supportive people from the old church but I know our relationships will change because of this. The grief of losing a faith community is real y’all.

Food Allergies Suck. 

My son was just retested for his peanut and egg allergies and his levels have increased. And he goes to a school that is not peanut free nor do I ever see them going peanut free because people will throw a fit. I understand some kids will only eat peanut butter and jelly but like where does that leave my kid? His life is in danger because of it. So I guess I need to be extremely strict on his 504 plan and he will have to sit by himself at the peanut free table. Sigh.

My husband and I are off to NYC tomorrow to FINALLY get a few days just to ourselves! Any food suggestions? We like anything really!

Church Camp 

Going to church camp is always a weird time for me. 2 years ago I listened to the "Genesis and Evolution" episode on the way to camp. From there, the questions that had been always in the back of my mind completely consumed me. Since then, I have had a complete reconstruction of my faith, and have realized my worth as a woman in the church. Please be thinking of me this week as I head off to camp and try to be a light to these kids. Also, Thank you @mike and @vishnu for your work!

Leaving Church- Part 3 

I told my parents I am thinking of leaving our church and that I feel a calling to ministry and their response was basically trying to steer me away from that decision and telling me I should volunteer to lead the youth group. Sigh. Our diocese doesn’t accept women as priests. Even if I don’t feel called to the priesthood, I am done with that shit. I want to be in a place that empowers and lifts up women.

I feel like today will be one of those days where I will shout "Serenity Now" multiple times. Happy Monday!

Annoyed and Swearing 

I'm just a mom. Standing in front of my 6 year old. Telling him to go the fuck to sleep.

RHE and Me 

I met up with the pastor of a church I might be switching to and he told me “this might sound weird but they way you speak mixed with your physical appearance reminds me of Rachel Held Evans.”


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Bedtime and Kids 

Why the hell am I STILL doing bedtime? It started at 7:30 and it’s almost 9:00 now 😭😭

Leaving Church Saga Part 2 

I spoke with our parish priest about how I can't in good conscience attend a place that is not affirming and that I feel a calling towards ministry. His response was "you need to do what you need to do and I will support you. If you ever want to get ordained as a priest or pastor, I can help you through that process too if you want. Just know my job is to see you flourish in your faith and you have burned zero bridges." And then he gave me some church recommendations :)

Leaving My Church 

Talked to the wife of our our priest about possibly leaving our church. She was kind and empathetic and then said I should at least try other denominations to find the right fit. I have a game plan for leaving, but still staying involved in our church camp, as they need affirming adults as counselors. I cannot just jump ship on those kids. I am hoping the talk with our camp director goes as smoothly...


Guess we should have our next STL Lit meet up on the Illinois side :)

Mother Nature 

Mother Nature is angry with us I think 😬. This is only round one. Round two to come after midnight. I am pretty used to just not sleeping anymore.

Gun Violence 

This happened today when they were playing with their friends. I know they do the drills at school and I get it, but at the same time, this should not be their reality. I told them "Let's play a different game everyone."

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