34 y.o. mother of 2 tiny humans & 1 problematic Corgi in a constant state if existential crisis. Ex enthusiastic Southern Baptist, ex environmental scientist. Now I'm a climate change & environmental justice activist + heretical Methodist. I have about 3 days per week of atheism & the other 4 I'm an Ecofeminist Christian mystic? 4w3 which is REAL TIRING Y'ALL. I live in Alabama. Happy to be here, you beautiful weirdos ❤️


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Edit time! Old intro still true except now I'm an environmental engineer working as Director of Ops at a startup in Rocket City AL.

Still obsessed with climate change as a justice issue. Thankful I get to use that (& my education, I guess) in my new job.

Still a heretical UMC member but don't know how long that will last.

What's new w/ y'all since your introduction?

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@Melissa I can't even tell you how cool I think it is that you get to use your education that way. And here's hoping your church life changes for the better, friend.

I'm gonna have to think about updating my introduction too, but it'll have to simmer in the back of my mind, because I've got a *ton* to do today that I am currently putting off, so I'm gonna get to it.

Thanks for trying to save the planet for us, Melissa :)

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@Melissa CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow! That is such a cool job to be working in! Thank you for dedicating yourself to making the world that much better!

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@thewestislandsystem @mattlaff y'all are so sweet, thank you 💚

It's weird out here in capitalism. It's still a shark tank, even if you're trying to save the world.

I want to make helping relationships out here rather than competition, so we'll be poised to help all together when political will arrives.

The most encouragement I've gotten was from some military officers who called me Lefty but gave me the best pep talk ever & told me to call if they could help 🤷‍♀️💚🌏

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