Thinking tonight about how vitally important religion is for so many people in this world. All of the great traditions have sheltered so many hurting and afraid people for thousands of years. This is worth remembering when we feel the (rightful) need to tear it down or take it apart in pursuit of truth, beauty, and love.

In that, I think I’m wondering if and how religion can be seen as a bed of flowers to be weeded as opposed to a few flowers to be picked out of a bed of weeds. Thoughts?

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I love this idea. I think it could be true in systems that don't have clearly designated people doing the weeding.

I definitely think of religion this way in my own life, but I'm an individualistic American.

A liberal Mainline clergy said to me recently, if other peoe don't buy into & support the imperfect organization somewhat, her particular flower will die. She won't be able to weed anymore if people keep leaving. I didn't know what to say.

Thanks for the thoughts this a.m.


I think I'm just saying that while this idea feels true to me based on my experiences, it would also mean that a fair number of us (humanity) will have to participate in religion. Actively.

You can't weed as a sideline critic, to thoroughly mix my metaphors.

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