#TheLiturgists #ClimateChange 

Another great reason to do what you can to help with climate change (and all the other connected injustices we face)? It inspires other people. It inspires you. Do the next right thing, big or teeny tiny. We affect each other. Don't despair, and if you do, find other people to do something with.

I'll tell you what I'm doing if it helps.

Fascinating article that the graphic comes from:


Earlybirds I got up at 5 a.m. & did a HIIT workout & a mindfulness meditation.

It was awesome & I'm so proud of me DAY 1 DOWN

but I'm SO SLEEPY that I think it's possible I'm going to die?

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My requests for advice have so far gone SO WELL that I'm now asking you all to solve all my problems. You guys are so smart.

Today's question: if you have a regular exercise OR/AND meditation practice, when do you do it?

I am dealing w a huge life routine change - SAHM for 5 years now working - and haven't yet figured out how to make time for my body & brain care.

This has been one of most positive, grace-filled interactions I have EVER had on the Internet. Usually people are competing for creative space or "platforms," not encouraging each other to make things & put them out there. My heart has grown 3 sizes this day 😭 ♥️ and I'm writing a rough draft. 1,000 words down!

WHAT CAN I ENCOURAGE YOU ABOUT? I need to spread this magic around.

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This is Magnolia. Don't be fooled. She is The Devil. Also I love her. Both things are true. This feels like a paradox The Liturgists can handle.

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