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Math jokes 

She tried to integrate but it didn't make any difference.


I need to do better folks. My husband is a super nerd & so are his friends.

Science or engineering jokes also sought.

Or just jokes really.

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Math jokes 

Anybody have any good math jokes? I have only bad ones.


Why was the exponential sad at a party?

Los Angeles travel advice? 

@mike @vishnu y'all live there duh, any tips?

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Los Angeles travel advice? 

Hiya friends! I think a fair # of y'all are from Cali?

I'll be in LA in early summer on a M-F tagging along with my hubs (who has a NASA work conference so he will be occupied & also busy hanging w rocket nerds in the evenings, & I love them but they don't need me for their math jokes).

So I have a free solo week in LA! Where should I go, what should I eat?

I've been to LA once before & saw Griffith Observatory & the Getty but that's it.

Help an Alabama girl out!

#TheLiturgists #TAATR episode Mtns 

I honestly can't figure out why I enjoy TAATR so much. It's a relaxing ritual at this point; feels like checking in with friends to see how you're doing, if you're ok.

@mike Heat death of the universe bitches 🌏 bless your hearts♥️💚 now & always. @vishnu your course sounds wonderful.

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It seems like we have a lot of software/web developers on here so figured I'd ask.

Anybody looking for part-time contract web dev work? if so, DM me!

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A recent analysis shows that visitation to U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management land has risen by about 15 percent over the last decade, while budgets for programs that support recreation in those agencies has fallen by a similar amount.

Today I was surprised for the infinity-eth time that not everybody is interested in what fascinates me.

But my interests are so interesting, how can this be? Wait this feels familiar. 😆 Someday I'll learn. Different kind of ego shit I guess...

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We clearly have an issue with the person behind the bot and the womenarestupid dot com site.

IDK how easy this person is finding it to make profiles across multiple instances, but we here at PV have a closed registration/invite basis for our instance. Im NOT saying you should do the same but we should really be mindful of who is joining our instances.
As a mod, I don't have ALL the answers to this. But I know for a fact
We need to nip this in the bud.

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Liturgist fam-I need help finding a children’s book or 5 that feature interracial parents/families! Particularly if the mother is white and the father is black. The book(s) doesn’t have to be about interracial families necessarily, just looking for illustrations that depict such a family. Thanks in advance!

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The latest Ask Science Mike podcast is really good everyone. You should go have a listen.

The part where @mike talks about connecting on an emotional level instead of trying to out science someone is spot on. They have already made up their mind and will likely only become more ingrained in their thinking the more they are argued with. This is called the Backfire effect ( although it may have a more scientific name)

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@chronicallymoe Jesus Christ Himself: want to know the odds of getting into heaven if you're rich? Imagine this literally impossible thing.

Americans: Ah but secretly this refers to this totally doable thing

Jesus: Literally sell all your stuff and give the proceeds directly to the poor.

Americans: actually that just means you should donate to your local televangelist.

Jesus: here's a story about a rich man who is in hell for being a bastard.

Americans: No U.

#climatechange #theliturgists climate optimism 

The other idea is that there's "no money."

There is money. Right now. In this administration. I've been in rooms where people talked about billions with a B without blinking for weapons development. Imagine if we stopped using money to hurt people & used it for societal good in every single sense of that phrase. There's money.

IT AIN'T OVER, that's all I'm trying to say in my jumbled way. The end.

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#climatechange #theliturgists climate optimism 

I understand the problems w capitalistic mindsets and w tech savior mentality - they're not the answer long term; we've got to rebuild our economies fundamentally a la Green New Deal.

But there's this idea out there that we don't already have what we need to draw down carbon emissions or even go negative. And it's just not true. We have it. We have to make it possible, and we can.

The end to my nerdy engineering monologue.

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#climatechange #theliturgists climate optimism 

I just wanted to share something that happened at my job today that helped me feel optimistic.

(By optimistic, I mean facing the future without total despair for our species.)

My small company is in the process of applying for funding from the NSF America's Seed Fund program. In the course of this, I've encountered some amazing technical ideas for a better future from real, qualified people who are frickin ready to go.

TAATR hot tubs ep 

MIKE ARE YOU OK? @mike I have too much mom in my personality I need to know if you went to the doctor

Also @vishnu please don't hide or filter yourself! We love you 💚

I went to Nashville & was confused by your segment but felt such love all around me (while also trying to keep a neutral "I totally know what's happening" face). The Liturgists isn't a thing without you, beloved human. 💚💚💚


I tried to engage in a convo on Twitter between Xtians & atheists & it fell apart so fast my head is spinning. I got genuinely upset, as in I cried.

I have to use Twitter for climate world & to have access to many BIPOC thinkers who don't publish elsewhere.

I know this is an old issue around here. But UGgggghhhhhh

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We completed our gay doors

The solid color doors says God’s Doors Are Open to all

The Rainbow doors say “We Are Open”

Resource rec - social justice #TheLiturgusts

This is not about climate change per se, but a climate person (Rhiana Gunn-Wright) retweeted from Marisa G. Franco this about white supremacy's effects on culture & communication styles.

It's SO GOOD. I'm thinking more about this than anything else I've read lately.

We can't attack our work like white supremacists or we won't succeed long term, plus we'll burn out. We need our souls and communities intact.

There's a lot already today - kids' climate strikes, tragedy in Christchurch, & of course my own life.

I want to say THANK YOU to this sweet, funny group that helped me get exercise & meditation in 4/5 workdays this week.

I can already tell that I'm coping better.

Although I will always be a night owl & mornings will always be awful.

effin HOOT mofos

🦉♥️💚 LOVE to you this Friday

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