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The other evening, a friend from Corsica was telling me about planting trees using salvaged World War 2 land mines.

A lot of soil in Corsica is very compacted so, after the war, people would drill a hole into the ground and drop a little explosive into it. The blast would loosen a small patch of ground and also fertilise it — the explosives used potassium nitrate, which is great for fruit trees.

So there are orchards in Corsica which were planted with explosives, and I think that's cool. 🍎 💣

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These are the highlights. Needless to say I'm here for the common searching, loving community.

Oh and I'm an Enneagram 9.

Anyone else feel the need to apologize when they toot?
... I'm from the South... sorry...

I feel like the only non-geek in the room but I'm glad to be here. Now to figure out where here is....

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