Loss of Dog 

Loving energy for you and your hubby and especially for your precious companion. It's a hard journey for those left behind. ❤

@Natalie I think I'm 40... but will be 61 in a few days. Yeah... that stings a bit🤷‍♀️

How does that even happen 🤔🤔🤔 stil thinking...🤔🤔🤔

@Joy_concepcion @Arryq

My Christian church friends would tell me we didn't believe in music... they were serious. Wow... what a thing to argue about! It feels foreign now. So glad you are doing well, Joy. CoC is a tough group to come out of. Arryq, thanks for the perspective. And acceptance😊❤


I now find peace in meditation and centering. See God in all... yet there is no gender attached to the power/ Being/ Trinity??? Still working on that. So you can imagine how they view me when "they've allowed so much freedom for women" to happen. I love them still. But i'm searching for a deeper freedom. That third way Rohr speaks of... it's a beautiful journey. Too long if an answer ...sorry

Yes I was in the middle of the controversy over worship teams. Over women having a microphone. Women on stage. The church I'm slowly leaving has progressed to women class teacher, women leading public prayer, announcements, and communion. My deconstruction has got so deep that the songs hurt, the verbiage leaves me in tears. Patriarchy is still very alive and in charge.


Fellow coCer here. We can sing... that's for sure. And I was a 25 year veteran of the worship team. Yes. I miss it. I miss the pitch pipe sounding and the downbeat and the instant harmony. We could sing anywhere! Anytime! It was so... spiritual... but... well... you know. 😔

@Jeremy Everything Belongs... but all of them would be of interest to me. ❤

Things to know: tooting is ok and expected at times.
Welcome!!! It's the liturgists! ❤

@Brooke Welcome! As a 60- something I like to pretend i'm 22 and take walks and remember the great times. Follow your dreams dear. But enjoy the knitting too. There's wisdom in the stitches and the slowing of life. ❤

@Melissa @mike @Msquiggles
Oh my... there should be a hashtag EarthSandwich! But I hesitate because of *the secret*... take aways: If it's not joyful it's not real. And Puritans *tears*...I love The Liturgists.

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