I touched corn starch today for the first time since I was a child and it was made me cringe and have anxiety almost like it was painful... I feel like this is weird because everyone else touching it was fine. Anyone else have any insight?

@MicahJS Do you have some bad experiences with corn starch? Why were you touching it?

@MicahJS I hate the feeling of cornstarch I avoid it at all cost. It makes me tense up@just thinking about it.

@MicahJS Never touched straight corn starch before... was it a texture thing? Are you allergic?

@MicahJS Oh wait, yeah actually I think I know what you mean. It’s like solid, and sticky, and makes a weird vibration on the fingertips when you poke it?

@noahebenson @MicahJS Yeah I could see it being a specific sensory sensitivity. The reaction you described sounds similar to my reactions to certain fabrics.

I haven't figured out precisely what they are but super fuzzy fabrics of many jackets make me feel kinda panicky and I have to get them off of me immediately

@Laura_I @noahebenson It’s exactly like the feeling of chalk! But this was like chalk that you couldn’t get off of your finger once you touched it and when you rubbed your fingers together they grinder like glass or something oh god it was awful

I sympathize. It's definitely a thing for me too. Sets my teeth on edge.

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