e(x)vangelicism, duck dynasty 

Pardon the ‘conspiracy theory’ nature of this...

What do you think about the idea of christianity (in some form) being deliberately used to distract people? Religion peddled as a subversive, subservient arm of capitalism? Not all christianity, but I’m curious if it has been repurposed for political control in some cases.

A ludicrous example is this healthcare discussion that was entirely deflected on account of faith.



e(x)vangelicism, duck dynasty 

@jezzy Absolutely, it’s been speculated, and quite frankly it’s easy to see if you look for it, that politics and capitalism take advantage of ardent believers because their behavior can be easily predicted or even manipulated for a certain end. It’s like the “will you ignore this post or like for jesus” Facebook posts. Their end is to get likes.

e(x)vangelicism, duck dynasty 

@MicahJS I feel it! I always knew it was a tool to a certain degree (“The dems murder babies!!” rhetoric) but it never sank in how much it was designed. I grew up thinking “in god we trust” was always on money and that the pilgrims came here solely to be christian. 😬

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