I told my pastor that I'm not a theist tonight. I didn't think he would "toss me on the street corner" but its nice to know that I'm still loved. My marriage is still kind of hanging in the balance though... I am to the point where I just want to know where we stand so I can live life accordingly.

@MicahJS big steps dude, we're all here for you. Anything we can do?

@MicahJS those interfaith marriages are tough! I’m going through the same thing. I’m here if you ever need to chat!

@MicahJS wow! That’s so tough. I can absolutely relate. Give your spouse time. It took my wife over two years to process everything and finally come to terms with it. Now we’re flourishing as we help each other on our own journeys. I hope you can navigate this hard season. I’m also here to talk if you need it.

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