The grapevine never ceases to produce whispers, just as I expected people whom I have not told about my faith change have heard because of my marriage ending. Thanks to everyone here whose been supportive. @OpenMoose @craigscottroberts @Krismsheedy @rebekahcrabs @markjperkins @conrad @sound If my faith community decides they can't have someone spreading other ideas of God then at least I have you guys. 🤞 🤞

@MicahJS @OpenMoose @craigscottroberts @Krismsheedy @rebekahcrabs @conrad @sound uuugh. yep. of all the things for people to worry about. probably one of the reasons I would never tell certain people about what I think. and this is so small compared to loosing a marriage. stay strong Micah. you'll get through this.

@MicahJS I’m sorry you are going through this. Be kind to yourself as you move forward. ❤️

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