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Today at work I saw someone that I could not distinguish as male or female. Then, looking at someone I thought as a woman, I thought “Why project something onto them? If I don’t know them why assume and instead just treat them like what they are? Human.”

Never woulds, god, drugs, sex 

I used to say that I would never have premarital sex, do drugs, or forsake god. I know there are many other things I said similarly and have since broken. I’ve learnedit’s okay that things change and nothing is permanent. What are some of your never woulds?

Dunno what to put that’s not triggering 

I think my wife and I might be separating... rough...

“Maybe I should be Satanist. Nothing they do offends me.” - @mike on the plane seat next to me just now 😂

Hi everyone! I am Aimee. Just looking to find a place where I can talk about/work through my beliefs without judgement or guilt. Thanks to @Ricci for the invite

Coming out 

I haven’t told my church community or most of my family that I am no longer theistic... Would anyone like to share their experiences?

Should Evolution Treat Our Microbes as Part of Us? (Quanta Magazine)

Says one scientist quoted in the piece: "We have never been individuals."

Another says to resolve the tension between micro and macro biology we need to focus on the interactions themselves, not the entities interacting: "the song, not the singer"—the mantra of quantum physicists. And of course, another echo (for me) of perichoresis: the "divine dance."

Still absorbing ... but wanted to share.

I became a vegan, largely because of the work of the liturgists, and what no one told me is that vegan cheese makes you have the stinkiest gas!

Last of my link dumps here, again apologies for before with the multipost instead of a single thread! Heres a song that I wrote in between the songs of my teen years and now.
and last but not least a short film I call "NAP" 😊

I apologize if I flooded the local timeline 😅 I'm still new to this format and didn't realize I could do all that in one collapsable thread

UMC GC2019 

Sad for my UMC friends entering a season of uncertainty and mourning. A new day will come.

This is the song I've composed most recently as of this toot, and It makes me feel a lot of stuff since I put a lot of feels into it, but I always feel like I want to make music more interesting or better some how. HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED

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