Life goal: to convince Science Mike to make a short video of himself doing something science related and then looking right at the camera while screaming SCIENCE!!!!!! How do we make this happen?

Does anyone else spend most of their free time wishing they would just drop dead from a massive heart attack? Or is that just me?

For those in the shadows of their truth, for those hiding in darkness because being seen is the most frightening thing you can imagine please know I am here holding space for you. I am imperfect and broken but I am here and there's room to breathe in this place. Seek me out as your friend if you need one, know that I will fail you but I will always try my best.

Ok so maybe this wasn't funny. I am not always great at reading a room.

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I've been thinking about death and ressurrection a lot. Here's a blog post I wrote about it.

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There has been a lot of grief, trauma and difficulty in the past several weeks. Remember to care for yourself and remember that you have the power inside you to make meaning from the ashes. It is a stupendous ability we humans are born with- use it.

Asexual fantasy....3 girls at once! Cuddling with me!!!

Church music....

And love is not convenient.
It does not cease at your command.
You might take and leave it,
but love is all I am.
Love is all I am.

Will someone do me a favor and draw Science Mike and Michael Gungor as a robot and alien? Please give Science Mike a really large hinge for a jaw too LOL. Consider this a prayer request hehe

I do have a confession though, I reluctantly admit that my brain still has trouble trying to process the idea of non-binary. I accept that there are people who identify as such, and I do my best to be respectful of that, but I don't really know what that means or is.I hope to someday be friend some folks who identify as such so that I can learn more about their experience.

A beautiful reality about the autistic mind, if you tell me you're a girl then I see you as a girl. If you tell me you're a guy, then I see you as a guy. What you tell me, what you put forward, my autistic brain will automatically believe. It makes things so beautifully simple in this increasingly complex world. Be who you are, my brain will adapt.

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Gender-neutral use of 'guys' 

I think I'm too sarcastic, judgemental, and stable for this space. I'm at peace with what I know and don't know, I'm content where I am right now, with the exception of trying to be less cynical. I just don't relate to a lot of you guys' great posts.

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