I just had the thought that I would pay good money get high with @mike

That's all.

Hot Take:
Vibrators are just rudimentary sex robots.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

“not a euphemism, but definitely could be” 

Hey #queer family—

What do y'all think about safe spaces at #work, for #LGBTQIA+ people specifically?

They seem important to me, but should they also include allies that may be closeted (or may not be)? Does having allies in the space decrease its safety? Should they be purposefully constructed or should they just organically grow from private conversations? Is it okay to add any out employee to the group, potentially making existing members uncomfortable?

Resources and boosts welcome.

@MonolithImmortal I describe all that background to say that I have never recommended stock Linux, any distribution, as an operating system for most people. (I also recognize that a ton of things people use these days are Linux-based.) Nor have I ever used it exclusively. Or even as my primary desktop OS.

twitter, ableism, racism, "progressive" christians being shitty 

I don't mean to kink shame people who are into masochism, but I really don't understand people who use Linux as their primary operating system.

Autism Awareness Month 

I held the door open for some guy and he muttered "thanks, I guess" why are men like this why is masculinity so fragile

PSA: My previous PSA was incorrect. Your car is not covered in tree jizz.

Instead, the air is full of tiny alien facehugger monsters that invade your nostrils and ejaculate all inside your sinuses.

The truth is far worse than we previously realized.

Plants are MONSTERS.

Public Service Announcement: Pollen season is litterally a giant plant bukkake session, and your nose is full of plant semen.

Your car is covered in pine tree jizz.


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Turns out I've been eating pineapples wrong my entire life!

Linux shit post, dumping on Ubuntu 

please cw posts about autism awareness day. it's associated strongly with people who don't have good intentions towards us and we deserve to be able to opt-in to that

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