Counseling; Marriage Problems; Infedelility 

I’m going to counseling for the first time. This week I asked my husband to leave, a year and a half after my husband cheated on me very little has changed. I don’t want our 5 year marriage to end but I also refuse to continue to live with someone who doesn’t respect me or treat me well. Any suggestions for anything to prepare or ask or say during my first session?

Since y'all were super helpful on documentaries, what are some good podcasts? I don't really want non fiction unless it's like a cold case show I've already listened to all the liturgist and I'm working on the patreon segements too. I love Serial, Criminal, and This American Life, I'm even open to free audio books! Gotta stay awake while working on long projects.

Need some suggestions for good documentaries for someone deconstructing, especially from a sheltered traditional Evangelical upbringing. I've watched several this week about the civil Rights movement and feminism and I'm wondering what else did my history classes skip over?!? Thanks in Advance!

I grew up SB. I was the music minister's kid. After attending a small christian school for high school I got a Church Music degree. I looked for a job, however hiring a woman, a white woman married to a black man, and also be a "minister" in the south made getting a job a little tricky. My husband & I have since moved and began deconstructing together. We have found home in our little BYOB group called "Tallboy Theology".

P.S. We have a super cute dog named “Gracie”.


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