So, is everyone else not able to listen to the latest episode of Loving This or is it just me?

@vishnu Not sure if this is too personal of a question, but I was wondering about your meditation practice. Specifically, if one of your aims is to attain samahdi at any level. From things you shared in your book I assume you are or have attained samadhi on some level.

If you can do whatever is your karma—which may be walking in a protest march or fighting in Vietnam, or being a conservative or a liberal or being a housewife or being a yogi—and can do it without attachment, and do it fully and thoroughly but without attachment, then you do not create that karma. You do not create the polar opposite.” - Ram Dass

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“I know many of you will feel uncomfortable when I say this, but the hippies create the police as much as the police create the hippies, That the liberals create the conservatives. The protesters create the John Birchers just as much as the John Birchers create the protesters. That as long as you are attached to whatever pole you are representing, the vibrations which you are sending out are creating its polar opposite around you."

@mike Have you ever checked out social psychologist Azim Shariff? He was featured on Hidden Brain this week. The podcast was about studying religion through a "social evolutionist" lens. I haven't seen the underlying research to know if it is legit.

Advice on the enneagram please? While I very much value and have enjoyed the benefits of personality tests throughout my life, I am at a loss regarding the enneagram. Other tests I have taken have been very accurate but the free online enneagram test that I have taken seems off to me. I don't personally feel that I need any more personality tests to help me understand myself, but for the sake of this online community I thought it would be helpful to share it as others do. Any thoughts?

I would like to express my condolences to everyone here that is grieving the loss of Rachel Held Evans. Although I have only had limited exposure to her and her work through the liturgists podcast, I can see that she embodied a very powerful and timely message that impacted a large number of people. I am sorry for your loss, especially her friends and family. I wish all of you peace and comfort.

FYI I a would like to be more active on this platform. I am just extremely busy. This is the first full day I have had "off" for a while :) Will be going to see End Game this afternoon with my kids!

Anyone on here live near Columbus Ohio? I am asking because there are some folks going through "faith transitions" who are informally and irregularly getting together to connect. Let me know if you are interested and I can assist you in connecting.

We focus on "the presence" but don't know how to be present.

One of my daughters (14) was eating breakfast before going to church this morning (we used to attend as a family) and she was commenting on one of the leaders getting up during the "transition" time of worship and correcting everyone on the way they are or are not engaging with god. It struck me just how we can chase our tails with religious practices. The way I see it the practices are supposed to help us be engaged in the present moment.

Was the thought of eternal existence scary to any of you when you were a child?

“I’m suspicious of any ideology that presents itself as the only solution to a problem that it created in the first place.” - Noah Rasheta (Host of the Secular Buddhism Podcast)

I was just reminded of this old Fugazi song this morning. Thought I would share.

These are our demands:
We want control of our bodies.
Decisions will now be ours.
You can carry out your noble actions,
We will carry our noble scars.
No one here is asking,
No one here is asking,
But there is a question of trust.
You will do what looks good to you on paper,
We will do what we must.
Return, return, return.
Carry my body.

I have recently been considering how Buddhism seems to address the problem of suffering while Christianity addresses the problem of sin. I would love to read some people’s thoughts on this key distinction.

@mike Any chance there will be any events (Liturgists or Ask Science Mike) in Ohio in the future?

I am interested in buddhist meditation practices. There is so much out there on the internet that it is a little intimidating. Is there anyone here who can suggest any books or websites? Has anyone here already gone down this path?

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