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I'm Natalie. I'm a PhD student living in Northern California, where I research how stories broadly--and medieval literature specifically--can be used in socially constructive ways to counter racism, classism, sexism, ableism, and environmental domination. I get super excited by plays, concepts of knowledge production and transmission (really into the interplays between alchemy and poetry and knowledge right now), trees, fuzzy animals, fruit, and fabrics that feel wonderful.

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Hey y'all! Anyone who was planning on attending the SF T&W want to meet up Saturday night anyway?

This has a lot of academic jargon in it (sorry), but I think it might interest some of y'all:

Feminist theorist Rosi Braidotti on posthumanism.

"Bal and Veltkamp (2013) found that reading fiction increases empathy over time, but only if the reader feels transported into the story, and strongly identifies with the main characters. Nontransported readers, by contrast, become less empathic" (62 De Cruz and De Smedt, "The Epistemic Value of Speculative Fiction).

Well, that kind of changes things, doesn't it?

What might it mean for people who read old texts that they can't relate to, I wonder? (Like, ya know, the Christian Bible, etc...)

@mike @vishnu After listening to the 100th episode, I would like to thank you for all your work.

Not sure why this didn't tag you, @mike, but I think 6 is my last possibly obvious question for now. 😋 You don't actually have to answer any of these questions--but I hope at least one of them might be helpful!

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6) Also, academics have either just finished terms, or about to. Summers are usually a bit lighter than the rest of the year, and people might be able to squeeze stuff in. I know academics have our own realm of privilege, but lots of us have diverse backgrounds, too, and still could speak to things. You might find some luck with some academics!

@mike and @vishnu, I know y'all have been working on this, and I'm curious if there are plans to include more working class voices on The Liturgists?

Question of the Day: If you had to create a family out of fictional or historical people, who would they be?

Today, I turn 33. What a strange, delicate, mysterious thing being alive is!

What is a picture of your wonder?

Question of the Day: What is your internal criteria for what to post on social media, and then for various platforms? Do certain platforms have particular genres for you?

Ruth Wilson Gilmore defines racism as “the state-sanctioned and/or legal production and exploitation of group-differentiated vulnerabilities to premature death.”

Does this change the way you view racism or will talk about it?

I'll start us off: I wish more people knew that slavery never ended--it just changed its form.

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Question of the Day: What is an "historical" "fact" you wish more people knew wasn't true?

This afternoon, I'm starting a Performance Studies seminar, and I'm excited to be in a space where my body is acknowledged and used. Have you ever gotten this chance in academic spaces?

I am a compulsive connectionist. Each insight is taken as a puzzle piece for a unified view of reality. Each is distinct, and all are connected. I am learning where I fit, and I am discovering the connections that make me more than a puzzle solver.

I am an academic cognitive scientist, conducting computational neuroscience research in search of how matter gives rise to mind. I am particularly interested in how the brain exhibits flexibility in learning, memory, and cognitive control.

Question of the Day: What are your visions of the ideal future?

Question of the Day: What is one thing from your past week that you recognize as being an act of White supremacy? (Something you did, thought, saw, etc.) What's what thing you can do to counter it?

Question of the Day: Who was your favorite relative growing up, and what did they teach you? Or, who is your favorite chosen relative, and what have they taught you?

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