Question of the Day: What's the most difficult thing you've ever accomplished?

@Natalie Love this question. I feel like showing up and being a mom every day is the hardest thing that I've done/continue to do, even though I've also done other hard things (such as earning a Ph.D. and a black belt and writing and publishing a book).

@ProfessorCWG @Natalie My initial thought is also parenting. I just wasn’t sure it counted since it’s not exactly “accomplished”

@Natalie hmmm, I'd say walking away from a very successful career and nice salary to be home with my kids. It was the best decision I've ever made, but I had to overcome a lot of fear to do it. So yeah, quitting was one of my most difficult accomplishments.

@Krismsheedy The alternative qotd was "What are you happiest about having quit?" I love how your answer fits both. 😁

@Natalie for ongoing things it’s parenting for sure, omg. Specifically special needs parenting, followed closely by “2 under 2” parenting. For finished accomplishments it was medical residency. That was incredibly, incredibly hard, but on the whole I think parenting is harder. But on a happy note, they’re both super rewarding, life-defining kinds of things

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