Question of the Day: What is one thing from your past week that you recognize as being an act of White supremacy? (Something you did, thought, saw, etc.) What's what thing you can do to counter it?

@Natalie I don't know. I don't have the opportunity to encounter a lot of non-white people because I live in Oregon, which is just so so white, demographically. I want to confront white supremacy in myself (I'm sure it's there!) but I can't find it!

@Aubrianne Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability about this, Aubrianne! If you'd like, I can make some suggestions for ways to begin looking at Whiteness that may help you start to identify White supremacy.

@Natalie ooh good & hard one.

Buying too much into academic credentials as a measure of capability or worth, esp. mentally ranking institutions by "eliteness."

@Natalie I can counter it by being aware of this bias in my thinking & paying attention to an entire person, knowing "elite" credentials are unbelievably stacked toward white people, esp. wealthy white people. Pay attention to history, experience, capability as shown other ways, as a way to gauge credibility. Start with assumption of worth, not require proving it (that's patriarchy too woot woot).

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