Question of the Day: What are your visions of the ideal future?

@Natalie star trek without the costumes. Once we get past the next few stages of change. Death of religion.

@Lostpilgrim @Natalie I'll event take the costumes if we get star trek health care.

Oddly enough, an ideal future would need just one thing. An endless supply of buffalo wings.

and blue cheese of course.

One we design & adjust as we go for sustainable flourishing for all people & living things, in harmony with nature's rhythms & needs.

It sounds like I'm repeating some new age cliche but I'm thinking about climate science & technology as I say it, as well as womanist philosophies & theologies I've read about. I ache for this future.

@Ricci 's dream future could be one version of this actually.

@Natalie One where President Benito Dump's head explodes. 😈

OK,seriously: one where Earth's population is below half a billion, one where bigotry has become incomprehensible even to historians who study this and preceeding eras, one where (eventually) humanity has expanded through the whole Solar System, including the Oort Cloud.

@Natalie Importantly, this would be a future in which we haven't stopped asking everybody about their visions of an ideal future.

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