Question of the Day: What is an "historical" "fact" you wish more people knew wasn't true?

I'll start us off: I wish more people knew that slavery never ended--it just changed its form.

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@Natalie most Canadians think there is no history of slavery in Canada. We have a false “better than...” narrative.

@Natalie I just have too many to pick on honestly. I guess I wish more people knew that the history we're taught in school and by society is usually a selected slice of reality run through our own filters of today and what we want to believe about the past and about ourselves

@Natalie I wish more people realized how strange it is to think that “Columbus discovered America.” That only makes sense from one group’s perspective.

@Natalie I wish people knew the dark side of the reformers. Especially how Martin Luther’s anti Semitic writings were used as fuel for “Christian” nazis.

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