Question of the Day: What is your internal criteria for what to post on social media, and then for various platforms? Do certain platforms have particular genres for you?

@Natalie here I post almost anything. It usually just needs to appeal to me on some degree. If I find the information useful in processing where I am at in my world emotional, physically, spiritually. Then I share it. Sometimes I feel over bearing though. Sometimes I compose lots of posts and never post one. Guess this doesn't help


Personally, Mastodon is quite a bit more conversational and casual for me than diaspora. On Diaspora I want a bit more of a coherent structure before I post.

@Natalie I have a FB account called "Oasis" that is mostly spiritual stuff. Then I have my personal FB account where I post whatever I like. I post to Mast some of the more off-beat thoughts that I don't think would be well understood on the other two sites. I post to School of Life regarding relationships and emotional well-being.

@Natalie I have a variety of social media accounts, but most lay fallow. I probably use Facebook the most, since it is a primary platform for so many people I know. I am working to largely abandon Facebook by the end of the month. I am exploring here and at the School of Life, looking for the aspects that transcend beyond being fan clubs for the organizers. (I’m not saying that the latter isn’t useful.)

@Natalie Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman talks about two brain systems: fast and slow. Some of my posts are done by the fast system: “that’s so funny”, “that’s so profound”, “that’s so touching”. The fast system isn’t very sensitive to what other people care about. The slow system carefully considers posts to communicate something that is important to me. Because of my idiosyncrasies, those might not be interesting to others, either, but they are sent with that intent.

@Natalie So, the fast system criteria is “way cool”, and the slow system criteria is “this is important to me and maybe is important to you”.

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