Hey y'all! Anyone who was planning on attending the SF T&W want to meet up Saturday night anyway?

@Philexvy Kind of a missed opportunity to alliterate as "Lits get Laid" 😂

@Dan no worries! I'm just now reading it. Hmm. I think I probably agree that Liturgist folks wouldn't like him, but I'm curious if you have ideas for why? My intuition is that he's just too interested in the past and already-trodden paths.

@Dan I'd be curious what you think. I'm pretty surprised he's not more popular in this crowd.

@Laura_I Check out your local thrift stores. You might be able to find a color you like that is slightly too large, and then pay a little to get it tailored to you.

@Dan *raises hand* I've read The Experience of God, and The Beauty of the Infinite. How about you?

This has a lot of academic jargon in it (sorry), but I think it might interest some of y'all:


Feminist theorist Rosi Braidotti on posthumanism.

@Joy_concepcion @promisedlywild

From the end of year 1 of my PhD, 15 years after my first attempt at starting college: y'all can definitely do this. 💜

"Bal and Veltkamp (2013) found that reading fiction increases empathy over time, but only if the reader feels transported into the story, and strongly identifies with the main characters. Nontransported readers, by contrast, become less empathic" (62 De Cruz and De Smedt, "The Epistemic Value of Speculative Fiction).

Well, that kind of changes things, doesn't it?

What might it mean for people who read old texts that they can't relate to, I wonder? (Like, ya know, the Christian Bible, etc...)

@mike @vishnu After listening to the 100th episode, I would like to thank you for all your work.

@mike Also, this isn't my project, so I don't have nearly as much at stake in asking these questions. But I'm wondering what the risk is in running a few test cases along these lines, and seeing what comes of it? It might be a terrible idea, or it might be a good idea that ends in disaster. The emotional disappointment can't be crowd-sourced in the same way the time or labor or funds can be, and maybe that's enough. But if it works, it'd be kinda the Mastadon of podcasts.... 2/2

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