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I thought I was done, but I'd be a bad medievalist if I didn't also point out that, among other things, we have universities and tons of philosophy thanks to Islam. Thomas Aquinas worked from Islamic translations/preservations/commentaries of Aristotle, for example. This kind of thing always deepens the tragic irony of white supremacists going after Muslims: dude, your "western culture" literally exists BECAUSE of Islam.

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Also, a work of Islamic scholarship on Sodom & Gomorrah made the most rigorous argument I've seen for the destruction of those cities being about catastrophic failure of hospitality, rather than for homosexuality. Fantastic, illuminating, and powerful work towards equality and equity. Islamic feminisms have also been important to me. 2/2 💜

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I'll answer my own question today. I have so many memories with Muslim friends being open to rigorous conversations in ways that were unprecedented for me. We can be having long, wandering, sometimes heated exchanges, and I never once feel less cared for or disrespected by them. It was also my Muslim friends who most looked out for me when I was abroad and terribly sick. 1/2

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Question of the Day: Let's put some loveliness out there. What are some of the things you admire and love about Islam? Or, what is something you have learned from a Muslim family member, friend, neighbor, or stranger?

Question of the Day: What methods do you use for making friends in adulthood?


(No, this isn't aimed anyone here. I am more using the space to vent, with the hopes that perhaps it will spark conversation.)

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Found out a couple of hours ago that, due to the threats following radical statements by someone in my building, there will be an indefinite police presence at my building.

It's hard to learn and work when you're being re-traumatized, as many people are by police presence.

So I'd like to remind white radicals that white privilege means that you never bear the full brunt of the consequences of your radical acts: POC do. Please be mindful of that when you're performing "allyship."

Question of the Day: What is something important that you learned from someone very unlike yourself?

Question of the Day: I'm stealing this from a friend who had to ask ten people this question for a project, and I was one of them. In one or two sentences, who is Jesus to you?

A while back, a few people were asking me where to start learning about Thing Theory. Finally now responding, though I can't find who it was who asked-- I'm so sorry! Here is an article I recommend:

Question of the Day: What's the most difficult thing you've ever accomplished?

Question of the Day: What is the biggest internalized bias or prejudice you've made progress towards undoing? How did you do it?

Question of the Day: What motivates your compassion for some people, and not others?

@mike Kindergartener me wants Kindergartener you to know: I was the little 8w9 who beat the crap out of the third grade boys who were teasing my Aspie sister, and I 💯 can take on your class. Space/time bending not even a problem here.

Question of the Day: What is your relationship with your name like, whether it was given by you or someone else?

@mike, I've been curious for a while how you get access to research you mention. Do you subscribe to a library and get access, or is it open source, or?

Question of the Day: It's Mardi Gras, y'all! If someone were to plan the perfect way to celebrate with you, what would it be like? Doesn't have to be a Mardi Gras celebration specifically.

Question of the Day: What's a question you've always wanted to be asked?

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