2 questions and a thesis 

Is it a good deed if you do it because you will be compensated?

Is it a real relationship if all you want is that persons’s stuff as an inheritance?

The only way to get to heaven is to remove it from the equation.

2 questions and a thesis 

@Noah I like the questions. I think I'd answer them this way:

1. No
2. No

Thesis: I see what you did there. That seems to make sense from 1 & 2.

2 questions and a thesis 

@Noah In my opinion . . . .

If you are expecting compensation - you are conducting business - not charity.

A relationship based on obtaining someone else's possessions is theft by way of the "long-con."

Assuming there is a heaven: If heaven still matters to you - you probably aren't going, theologically speaking, as you are doing both of the above.


2 questions and a thesis 

@brothermatthew it’s a catch 22. I sum it up by saying that the only way to get to heaven is to not believe in it.

Personally, I am at a place where I just don’t care about heaven or hell. Trying to genuinely love people brought me those questions and opened my hands around those beliefs.

2 questions and a thesis 

@Noah Yep. My girlfriend and I were discussing this very topic over dinner last night. I love (my understanding of) God period. If "He" want's to send me to heaven, fine. If "He" wants to send me to Hell, I'll love Him from there too - makes no difference to me (if you believe the Apostle's Creed - Jesus did something similar). And if there is no Heaven and no Hell, my molecules will dissolve and then evolve into some other form of creation and I will love Him from there.

2 questions and a thesis 

@Noah an article that I enjoyed written from a more secular viewpoint of this idea:

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