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Is it really a cult if there aren’t homemade jams and jellies involved?

Tabs and Wafers Boulder disappointment 

The most disappointing aspect of tabs and wafers was that there weren’t any protesters outside.

@mike, @vishnu let’s step up the controversy!

Deconstruction and Mental health 

Last night my wife said that the church treats deconstruction the way people treat mental health.

It stuck me and I responded that both groups have the same response: ostracizing and shame.

The answer to both is inclusion and understanding.

The lady at the tabs and wafers mercy table was so confused when I asked for an earth sandwich.

Boulder tabs and Wafers 

Me and the wife are getting dinner and drinks at the Post prior to the gathering. We have a reservation @ 5:30.

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I put on a shirt and pants every day, not because society says I should, but because they make me more confident and comfortable.

I put on my wedding ring because I continue to choose monogamy to a woman I love. Not because of social norms.

I choose to continue to believe in Christ.

My eyes are open. My choices are free.

My deconstruction threw off so many shackles. Reconstruction has been the embracing of my choices.

In government we can’t make everyone happy. However, we can make everyone equally unhappy.

If you want to understand ANY organization, follow the money. Church, Gov, business, non-profit, etc. I have yet to find an exception.

@mike after hearing about your cheese vice on ASM I feel like you should know about the annual vacation I take with my wife. Mendocino in the fall. Wine tasting in Anderson valley and sheep and goat cheese tasting at penny royal farms. Clothing optional hot springs at Orr Hot Springs in the redwoods.

And part three on social media manipulation. This how people are using Facebook to manipulate others. Really eye opening and interesting series.

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This is what users do when you create an intuitive UI.

Easter reflection 

My deconstruction has re-oriented me away from celebrating the death and resurrection of the Christ. This Easter I may or may not celebrate the life, teachings, and examples of the Christ.

His birth, death, and resurrection feel like red herrings. His teaching aren’t worthy of following because of his birth and death. They stand alone in their own merit.

Mastodon observation 

We share a space with alt-rights, furries, pornographers, prostitutes, LGBTQ+, and seems like every other marginalized group.

It is pretty great.

If you think government has problems, just wait until you see our solutions!

May peace like a river attend to my soul today.

1-800-273-8255 Suicide hotline 

A friend and colleague of mine was found dead yesterday from an apparent self inflicted gun shot wound.

As a Spartan racer, boxer, fly fishing, outdoorsman tell your stereotypes to shut the fuck up and go get help. I’m in therapy, there is no shame in health and getting help.

I find it strange that after listening to and relating to the liturgists for so long, and going to Kin, I want to refer to @mike and @vishnu as my friends. Which I believe they are. But telling people they should go pick up “my friend” Vishnu’s book just feels wrong. Like I’m assuming levels of reciprocate intimacy.

Why does this feel weird and wrong?

A mentor once told me:

We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions. Try to judge yourself by your actions and others by their intentions.

I’ve heard it said, “Never trust a skinny chef.”

Seems like good advice.

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