And Killed Him (A Poem)
On days when
The sky and the sea
Are different colors
I'm left wondering
If the God who loves me
And smote my uncle
Are different people

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Ceramics (A Poem) 

A gentle pressure with the foot
The wheel turns, turns, turns
Rhythmic. Smooth.
The clay forms slow. Constant.
Lined hands pull it off-kilter
The walls are too thin
The base is too heavy
It is wrong.
Perhaps the metaphor lies
In a life unaided by others
But God,
I can't help questioning
If your hands are skilled

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TW: Mentions Suicide

Went to my parents church, and the pastor talked about how people who sinned often committed suicide. As someone who has been hospitalized for suicide ideation and who works with suicidal daily, that's the kind of thing that keeps people from getting help. They are afraid someone thinks it's something they've done wrong. Maybe they just are struggling. Is that so hard to believe?

I found a retreat center a little over an hour away where I can go pray for the day!

I live in the middle of nowhere (less than 2k in my town). I really want to find a good Christian woman to mentor me, but the church I'm going to is not the best fit for me and I can't picture it having the right mentor. Still, there's no better option. Any advice?

Just started to listen to the liturgists but honestly it reminds me a lot of the podcasts I listen to for work on therapy. (That's a good thing!)

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