Whelp 5am and still wide awake. At this point it's better to productive than try and sleep.

A thought about pride and queer visibility (Roman slavery mention) 

The Roman senate once rejected a proposal that slaves be made to wear visible uniforms, on the grounds that it would be dangerous for the slaves to know how many they were.

I'm so emotional right now. I wanna cry and scream at the same time and I have no idea why.

I hate how some names are poisoned from past relationships. Like I had a bad experience with an "Eric" and now anytime I hear that name it's all I can think about.

I keep forgetting I can afford things now. I finally have a great job with an amazing salary I can stop not buying things that I need. Heck, I can buy something just b/c I /want/ it now.

I have a project I want to start but a library that would be a integral part is right in the middle of a major version update. I really should wait until they're done but I'm impatient. It's annoying.

I think if you ask most people what the opposite of love is they would say hate, but is it actually... indifference?

Sleep is a slippery quarry. The act of thinking you've caught it lets it slip away.

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