TIL that the original Hebrew word for the holy spirit is Ruach, which is a feminine gender.

Only in the german/french style of assigning genders to all objects, and obviously the holy spirit doesn't have a proper gender of it's own. But still a nice little perspective shift.

@markjperkins Yes, you are correct. I am a native modern Hebrew speaker and have studied Biblical Hebrew academically. Ruach רוח (wind/breath/spirit) is indeed feminine in Hebrew (and Aramaic and Arabic and all Semitic languages). In Greek, Latin, and Germanic Pneuma/Spirit is masculine however. As a messianic jewish Israeli I grew up speaking about the Holy Spirit in exclusively feminine terms. I’m was shocked to the core to discover that most Christians do not do so.

this is so great @Pondering. Having first hand knowledge of this is quite enlightening.

I grew up as a christian and never really thought of the spirit as having either gender.just like I don't think of the wind having a gender. but if anything, why not feminine? a cool piece of knowledge to have either way.


@markjperkins non-English speaking Christians in Europe and Latin America and beyond absolutely think of the wind and the Holy Spirit as male, I have found. Language is a funny thing.

@Pondering I wouldn't doubt that. I often find myself saying things are male for no reason, it's kinda the default position which I have caught myself on a few times. however i often think of cars and ship's as feminine. language is funny you're right.

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