@bouse The faith that I grew up in is exactly what you are describing (we never ever used crosses as a graphic symbol and the empty tomb was at the very center of the theology and worship) and honestly - it doesn’t change much. This is exactly what I deconstructed away from. Even as I still work at the site in Jerusalem where evangelicals believe the resurrection happened; I literally see THE empty tomb every day...

@vishnu’s silly little “esoteric analogy time” jingle is stuck on loop in my brain as a very invasive earworm. Thanks a lot, Vishnu! 😜

@Laura_I Oh absolutely! I have totally experienced this as well. Though it was not so much accompanied with pain as much as bemusement in my case. That, however, probably says more about my privelage than anything else.

@RobertFrancis @Jeff @mike I am forced to be pithy due to the platform: Honoring all persons with dignity and care is more important to me than intelectual purity. Justice and Love (unlike law and ethics) are undeconstructable in my view because they don’t actually exist, even as a construct, in our reality. But they call to us from beyond demanding our empathy.

@JamesP77 Absolutely. It’s the only social media I do, really. I can’t stomach Facebook and Twitter.

@sound Did you try using your mobile browser? It’s actually very well done and has a good UX.


Good morning to everyone except Jeff Bezos.

Here's a thread on Judaism and workers’ rights: twitter.com/TheRaDR/status/111

@SchrodingersCuriousCat This does not at all resonate with me. Maybe I’m just lacking context.

@palm_tree @vishnu A friend gave that book to me when I was 18. It was my first introduction to Daoism... 🙃

@JamesP77 Hey James! It’s been a minute! To tell you the truth I don’t really use this platform much but you can easily find me on Slack and Discourse. I would love to reconnect.

@RobertFrancis @Jeff @mike Hmmm... I would just point out that deconstruction absolutely does not equal destruction. As I understand the term, deconstruction is the critical examination of a concept or phenomenon and of all the suppositions it requires.

Politics & Climate Change 

Politics & Climate Change 

@danielkeyes137 @Dan Whoa, whoa, whoa! Are you telling me that the word translated as “doubt” in James 1:6 is the same as the word translated as “discriminate”/“show preference” in James 2:4? This seriously changes everything! I always thought James 1:6 (“ask in faith without doubting”) was out of synch with the rest of epistle. Might it not perhaps better be translated as “ask with faithfulness and without discrimination”? I really don’t know. My thing is Hebrew, not Greek, but I’m interested.

Nerdy Bible comment on Revelation 


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