I'm listening to Richard Rohr's podcast Another Name for Every Thing and am so blown away that I ordered his book to read next week when I go on vacation. It's such a great compliment to the Easter season as I vacillate between awe and worry that I will mess up the incense at church today and that kids (or parents) will be unhappy with the egg hunt I am organizing. The worries are real but I choose to make the awe primary today, because the worries are all "me, me, me" and the awe decenters self

as a hashtag is trending on Twitter today thanks to Mayor Pete B. and some haters and a lot of defenders it turns out. I can say that I'm so proud to be one of the . And with holy week just around the corner...in case you are looking for a church to visit..more than just affirming...

Ok, but now that I'm thinking about it, I'm not really to the self-acceptance part of this issue - I'm still at the self-discovery. Who am I really? Please discuss.

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MBTI question. I'm a solid 3 on the enneagram (wing 2). I test as an INTJ on the MBTI, but "verified" (disagreed with my results which didn't feel right) as an ISTJ, and I've been okay with it for a couple of years. It's just dawning on me that maybe I'm really an INTJ only I'm afraid of that because it's a powerful type and I don't want to take responsibility for that - to step into it and own it, so to speak. I know the answer about the difference between an "S" and an "N" but self-acceptance?

@hillarymcbride posted on Instagram that she was in two car accidents (one in December and the second in February) and is in physical pain as a result. So very sorry to read that you are going through this difficult time, Hillary!

This just hit me between the eyes this morning, from Mike Cosper's Recapturing Wonder: "Any approach to the Christian life that seeks self-improvement as the end goal will fail. A life of prayer, fasting and spiritual discipline can easily be a life of empty religious effort if the goal isn't communion with God. We don't need self-improvement; we need to come home." Please discuss/offer your insights.

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