Introduction! Mom to 3 boys (7, 5, 3) who are named after comic book characters. It's not all stereotypical, but yes life is busy and full of poop jokes. I've worked at a large evangelical charity for 7 years, but will be transitioning out in April as I won't sign their non-inclusive code of conduct anymore. I'm equal parts sad and happy about this. Married 11 years to my hockey writer husband (go, Pettersson... I mean Canucks!). We play DnD and love board games, movies, and TV.

@Rachael Which comic book characters did you name your boys after???


@peter Our first is Ozymandias (from Watchmen) but he goes by Ozzy. Then James, whose first middle name is Olsen, named after Superman's pal. Then Henry, named after two Hanks - Ant Man and Beast.

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