My son likes to draw on his face (and arms and torso, lol) so I told him I'd look into getting some face paint or makeup that's actually made for going on skin instead of using markers or ball point pen.

Now I'm on the hunt for face paint and/or makeup that's going to be least likely to stain his clothes. Any suggestions?

We ended up getting a set of Snazaroo (water based) face paints from Michael's and a NXY make up sealing spray from a drug store. He's been playing around for a few days and enjoying it. So far so good!

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@Rachael you can look into theater make up products and body paint products. I don’t know about the staining.

@JennyBee Yes, that's a good idea. I'm guessing the more professional products would dry and stay on better, making them less likely to rub off on his clothes or my couch. If that's the case, that would certainly help with staining in a way.

@Rachael there’s a setting and sealing spray that cosplay artists use so they don’t rub off on their costumes or other people. I’m not sure what it’s called but that’s out there too

@JennyBee Ooh, another great tip. Now I'm off getting lost in cosplay forums reading all the questions about makeup and paint!

@Rachael no suggestions, I’m just so impressed by your parenting. I’m maybe not as fun as you. 😂

@Leah Haha! Not sure if I'm fun or if I've just given up on this particular fight. LOL!

@Rachael If he particularly enjoys the pen aspect, you can get skin pens, I think they’re usually called tattoo pens, even though they’re still washable. Just if that method is easier for him. Actually paints are great too!

@Jes We almost got the Snazaroo brush pens, but the pack didn't come with as many colours, so he picked the actual paints. I figure we'll let him try it out and if he gets really into we'll look into investing in a wider variety of paints and tools and stuff.

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