Been thinking about love lately, specifically as it relates to the idea of "impact always trumps intent." I could claim I'm acting or speaking out of love, but if my actions or words aren't received as love, well then they aren't actually loving are they.

@Rachael Coming from a place of nondualism, I can see how this can be powerfully true and yet in some ways also not true. I think that as much as we should consider our words' and actions' impact, on the other side we should also be loving enough to receive well-intentioned action/words and understand their intentions were good. In other words, maybe this statement is wonderfully true and important on the giving end, but not something to promote if we're on the other end? Am I making sense?


@Kaitlyn1994 Yes, that makes absolute sense and I agree it should be considered when we're on the receiving end. Thank you for sharing that.

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