I left my job a month ago. I'm a stay at home parent for the time being. I miss working. I miss being away from my house (and family, if I'm allowed to say that). I am terrified I'm going to get trapped in this role. I worry that by letting go of my work, I've given up ground somehow. That I'll have to fight twice as hard to get it back. I cry every day. I'm functioning, but sometimes just barely. I'm seeing my doctor on Monday to talk about my mental health. Wish me luck.


@Rachael what can we do to support you, dear one? 💙



@JosiahRA I'm not sure, but thank you for asking.

The doctor suggested therapy and lifestyle changes (exercise, I guess, I don't think she mentioned anything else) and to come back in two weeks. She didn't want to prescribe anything with it being my first visit with her. I can appreciate that. But the cost of therapy's not covered since I'm not working, and I'm not sure I can pay out of pocket since, you know, I'm not working. So I'm left feeling stuck. Taking it one day at time.

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