I’m cracking up at the fact that I said I miss brendon urie’s old art...

It’s not that he made good art. It’s that I was 12 and had a lot of feelings.

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I don’t know that I even believe there is an “old” and “new” anything, it always just is.

ALL of this to say,
I miss the old Liturgists and I’m just being a lil snarky okay

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I must admit, I do miss the ~where it started~ and I know how ridiculous I sound but it’s just how we feel with the media we consume, I suppose? Like how I MISS the “old” Brendon Urie, the art he used to produce.

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The Liturgists podcast now weekly, 45 mins, ft. the stories of the hurting.

So, basically has become my new sermon?

(The Liturgists becoming what they never wanted)

I miss the old Liturgists...
(I am largely kidding. I am so happy for Mike for having space for healing, and all of the other team for the ability and need for more boundaries. I appreciate and respect their decision to make it more digestible, with the hope I’m sure of reaching more people. At the same time...

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may blessing flow
to enfold
and work healing
you,we need it most

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now and agains
to attend, arrive, abide
in the present moment
ready to arise
into your life in this world

I didn’t believe on the pod when Mike said you can just forget about Mastadon because there are no aspects to keep your attention.

But I really forgot about it!

Does anyone know of any historically and scientifically accurate study bibles? Opened mine for the first time in forever and realized it is total shit :-/

Family relationships are extremely hard. Doing the self-work to not repeat generational cycles is HARD. Trying to remember that this hard work is not only worth it for me, but for generations to come. But right now I just wanna cry 🙄😩

Book recommendation:
All About Love - bell hooks

It’s incredible and I want to read it 30 more times.

I’m having a hellish week. After many mental breakdowns I finally made it to see avengers and there’s a minor fire in the lobby so we’re not allowed in 🙃 just further reinforcement that I should always just stay in my bed.

It’s not the worst because I was thinking of deleting it anyway, but I just know she has probably already screenshotted my tweets and sent in family group messages 😭

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My ultra conservative and gossipy aunt in law followed me on twitter, the only place (other than here) that I feel safe to share my views, so... I just deleted it.

This weekend with family who I can find so many faults in, I am trying to stay present and mindful and grateful and loving.

It’s so hard and I’m sending you all who feel the same way so much love.

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It’s wild to think about all that I have learned and unlearned, learning and unlearning.

And what my future self will think about what my current self has “all figured out”.

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And I’m not even sure that I care much about the literal resurrection of Jesus 🙊

I care much more about his incarnation as a way to illuminate and dismantle the oppressive system of Rome, dying on the cross next to two others (terrorists/freedom fighters) because of the sin of the world.

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Instead, I have spent this week contemplating a human Jesus, going to Holy Week Eucharist services alone, & getting my feet washed (literally and figuratively).

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The first Easter Sunday, in ten years!, that I am not part of the many month long process, beginning to end, of the much anticipated service.

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All of my past Easter Sundays I have been ecstatic about the risen Christ, on my church worship/planning/set up/greeting/tear down team... for probably the past 10 years?

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