Parenting during tantrums 

We have been doing this “Gentle Parenting” thing for most of our kid’s lives and sometimes it’s just awful. And I just want to throw something at a wall. And yell. And discipline like my parents did.

But then my kid melts into my arms after a violent tantrum saying “I just need you to hold me right now” and I know it’s working.

Just thoughts after coming down from an especially tough evening.

Parenting during tantrums 

@Megra3 I would love to hear more about gentle parenting!! Not a parent yet, but planning on this when I have kids.

Parenting during tantrums 

@Reina We kind of take methods from all over the place to be honest, but we try to take a more gentle and positive approach to parenting by focusing on connecting with our kids, keeping our own emotions and mental health in check, and helping them learn to deal with their own emotions

I try not to live my life strictly by a book (because I'm a 4 and I'm a unique human dammit), but I do like the books "Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids" and "Connection Parenting."


Parenting during tantrums 

@Megra3 I love that! As a fellow 4, I can relate. Thank you so much for the book recommendations!!

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