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It has been my first spiritually fulfilling and observant and contemplative Holy Week, but it has been hard to spend time with family who is on a completely different wavelength.

I miss these friends so much, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my mental health in order to go to these gatherings.

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Can we talk about the relationships lost due to deconstruction, not because of disagreement in theology, but because going to church/church events comprised most of the friendship?

And after, there’s just no time to hang outside of those events.

(How the female experience of deconstruction can be different from the male experience)
Also invite some WOC to be a part of the conversation!!
@hillarymcbride 🧡🧡

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Hi I want an all female episode of the liturgists talking about internalized misogyny, instituitionalized misogyny, and misogynistic teachings in the church (body shame, sexual shame, male gaze, modesty)

Heavy hearts for the complex injustices of this world.
Here’s a photo to bring a little bit of light this evening

I’m watching One Strange Rock and it is absolutely blowing my mind.
Humans were never supposed to see Earth from this angle.
It’s helping me understand what Richard Rohr teaches as the Universal God & the evolution of humanity.
We know more about the earth, other animals, & people across the world, more than we ever have before.

It’s wild y’all

As a 4 who is going to an episcopal church for the first time, I’m so frickin SAD I’ve missed Lent my whole life, because this is just... so what I’ve needed

Self-care is hardly ever bubble baths and almost always doing the exact opposite of what you want to do.

Today I went to a church that specifically prayed for immigrants, refugees, & asylum seekers at our Southern border.
It was in all ways wonderful & beautiful & I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before.

Does anyone know how old Miriam Maisel is supposed to be??

One of the worst parts about de/reconstructing is realizing that I always associated guilt/shame with God talking to me.
Now when I feel super guilty I’m like, is this a spiritual experience? Or just bad theology?

Y’all NEED to listen to this.
It really spoke to how I grew up Christian in a Spanish household and how it was later on in life that I went to predominately white southern baptist churches.
Prop explains it all so perfectly

I just realized I’ve accidentally been following all 4s, making my timeline an echo chamber of 4s, (because I just feel like y’all GET me!!) but I realized that’s proooobably not healthy.

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