#FoodNotBombs serves a really, really vital role to the global anarchist movement. It's a widespread (almost ubiquitous), accessible, non-threatening, and undeniably *good* entry into the scene. No matter where you are in the (Western) world, if you're curious about #anarchism and want to see what it's all about and learn how you can help, you can probably drive not too far and visit a FNB meal - and if you help out enough and gain the trust of the other members, they'll eventually tell you what else you can help with

And of course this is in addition to it just being great mutual aid that you should be helping with

If you're a leftist and you don't know how to help, go to foodnotbombs.net/info/location or do a DDG search for "[city] food not bombs" and check out their next meal, even if only to eat and chat. They'll be happy to have you!


@socalledunitedstates There is one in my city that gathers twice a week!

Thank you for the suggestion!

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