Harrumph...the narcissistic conceit of Apple removing the audio jack from iPhones...still smh years on in the fumbling and finding fussy adapters.


Tension between identity politics and tolerance 

Thomas Merton on God as gravity - 2 

Thomas Merton on God as gravity - 1 

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is a weird and wonderful place! 

Dark humor take on Scripture 

Thomas Merton on the night (excerpt) 

The paradox of freedom - 3 

The paradox of freedom - 2 

The paradox of freedom - 1 

On boundaries and inclusion - 6 

On boundaries and inclusion - 5 

On boundaries and inclusion - 4 

On boundaries and inclusion - 3 

On boundaries and inclusion - 2 

On boundaries and inclusion - 1 

People no longer trust each other. Why? And how can we fix it? An interactive guide to the game theory of trust: ncase.me/trust/

Anyone else think Michelle Obama is waiting until the last minute of the Democratic presidential primary carnage and then she will declare her candidacy? Such leverage is like gold in this scenario.

Hillary McBride on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. Good one!

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