Thinking tonight about how vitally important religion is for so many people in this world. All of the great traditions have sheltered so many hurting and afraid people for thousands of years. This is worth remembering when we feel the (rightful) need to tear it down or take it apart in pursuit of truth, beauty, and love.

In that, I think I’m wondering if and how religion can be seen as a bed of flowers to be weeded as opposed to a few flowers to be picked out of a bed of weeds. Thoughts?

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@vishnu , your bed of flowers metaphor is a keen one. For me, commitment to religion can also be compared to commitment to family. The impulse to extricate oneself completely from one’s family might feel right at a certain point in life, but what are the costs of doing so?

An uprooted flower singularly beams with glory in the vase, but eventually starts to realize that water is not enough to sustain life, and to long for soil to reach into. 1/3

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