@mike Can you elaborate on this? Presumably you don't intend to deconstruct your views on things you firmly believe, say, the majority position on climate change or LGBTQIA+ rights. I understand your deconstruction as preparation for building up a whole new set of beliefs. Deconstruction can have an important place in one's journey, but isn't it more of a course correction than a destination?

Or am I construing something as serious that you meant only as a joke?

@RobertFrancis @mike

My point of view on this is that deconstruction is holding things up to a light and seeing what they truly are. Things like climate change and LGBTQIA+ rights stand the test of deconstruction, as do many other fundamental truths.


@Jeff @mike Deconstruction has a role in the faith journey but if it becomes a dominant rallying cry, it can be easy to lose sight of its limits. We can make an idol out of anything, and we can become fundamentalist about being anti-fundamentalist. I know Mike knows this, but I believe occasional reminders are important. To use your eloquent image, we do well to hold things up to the light to see what they truly are, and that includes deconstruction itself.

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