@mike Can you elaborate on this? Presumably you don't intend to deconstruct your views on things you firmly believe, say, the majority position on climate change or LGBTQIA+ rights. I understand your deconstruction as preparation for building up a whole new set of beliefs. Deconstruction can have an important place in one's journey, but isn't it more of a course correction than a destination?

Or am I construing something as serious that you meant only as a joke?

@RobertFrancis @mike

My point of view on this is that deconstruction is holding things up to a light and seeing what they truly are. Things like climate change and LGBTQIA+ rights stand the test of deconstruction, as do many other fundamental truths.

@Jeff @mike Thanks Jeff. It's a relief to hear acknowledgment that there are fundamental truths in a community that, as far as I can tell, is generally uncomfortable with admitting they exist even though 1)they are the subtext of everything that is talked about and 2)they give rise to careful safeguards that are enforced through social pressure, as is typical for any community.

@RobertFrancis @mike

If you listen to The Liturgist podcast you will find that there are truths. The main truth being to cause no harm to another human, or cause as little harm as possible given a circumstance. Things like denying climate change and denying fundamental rights to a group of people because they don't hold your particular belief's are obviously harming to other humans.

@Jeff @mike Well, certain things may be obvious to you that are not obvious to me, and vice-versa. To preach deconstruction of everything while reserving certain things in a protected status would be inconsistent. If one really supports deconstructing everything, there cannot be exceptions for what one personally considers fundamental truth. If on the other hand one claims some truths are universal, that is moving to a very different stance than “deconstruct everything”. 1/

@RobertFrancis @Jeff @mike Hmmm... I would just point out that deconstruction absolutely does not equal destruction. As I understand the term, deconstruction is the critical examination of a concept or phenomenon and of all the suppositions it requires.

@Pondering @Jeff @mike Good distinction. Now, since deconstructing requires examination through the lens of our own interior vision, it is never purely objective. The effect of our biased temperament and worldview was acknowledged on the epistemology episode, and thus holding forum for a diversity of views was presented as a useful means to better ascertain the truth of something. 1/3


@Pondering @Jeff @mike In theory the Liturgists community is meant to reflect this approach. But just as actual culture supplants theory unless guided otherwise, I sense the Liturgists community is now streamlined to a pretty consistent progressive profile. Tell me if I'm mistaken, but just try deconstructing the progessive views on climate change/gay marriage/transgender/gun control in the forums and see how much your deconstruction is supported by those who otherwise denounce dogmatism. 2/3

@Pondering @Jeff @mike I appreciate the attempts made in the past by Mike and @vishnu to avoid creating an echo chamber. I owe my continued presence here to those efforts, which I hope can be renewed, since I believe that issue advocacy has had the unintended effect of reversing those efforts. 3/3

@RobertFrancis @Jeff @mike I am forced to be pithy due to the platform: Honoring all persons with dignity and care is more important to me than intelectual purity. Justice and Love (unlike law and ethics) are undeconstructable in my view because they don’t actually exist, even as a construct, in our reality. But they call to us from beyond demanding our empathy.

@Pondering @Jeff @mike I appreciate the integrity that clearly motivates you. I also hold some things as being foundational--as I sense we all do, whether we admit it or not--hence my discomfort with sweeping statements that suggest deconstructing everything.

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