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@sven Python, eh? I am trying to learn it, and today I installed Atom because I reached the point where I have to move from iPad to PC. But sometimes the level of code specificity muddles my head, and it might do me good to add some diversionary theological questions at the bottom of my screen, too.


I discovered this poem via a web search after I excitedly realized the word ‘unceremoniously’ has seven syllables, making it perfect for the haiku structure (5-7-5).


-Andrew R. Jones

Tension between identity politics and tolerance 

“An uneasy tension persists between identity politics and tolerance: that is, the more forcefully group identity is affirmed, the more likely that rivalry or conflict with other groups will be perpetuated.” - Camille Paglia

Never thought of it this way before but I do see evidence of it.

As the American model of melting pot is supplanted by trends of multiculturalism and intersectionality, what values are required to mediate this uneasy tension?

Thomas Merton on God as gravity - 2 

"And God, that center who is everywhere, and whose circumference is nowhere, finding me, through incorporation with Christ, incorporated into this immense and tremendous gravitational movement which is love, which is the Holy Spirit, loved me. And he called out to me from his own immense depths. And he called out to me from his own immense depths."

Thomas Merton on God as gravity - 1 

"I entered into the everlasting movement of that gravitation which is the very life and spirit of God: God's own gravitation towards the depths of his own infinite nature, his goodness without end."

gender questions, transphobia --- 

@nat @SchrodingersCuriousCat
But what is more important is your pain, for which I am sorry. I do not wish to increase it. Nobody deserves to suffer violence for their gender expression. I wish you peace.

gender questions, transphobia --- 

@nat @SchrodingersCuriousCat
Since you suggested one shouldn't base gender on sex, I thought you would hold that each category would be respected on its own terms. I don't consider it transphobia to question a change that happened in the last millisecond of human history, namely dropping the "trans-" prefix. I know not even all trans people agree with it, so I didn't expect it to be a dealbreaker.

gender questions, transphobia --- 

@nat @SchrodingersCuriousCat
Nat, I don't know much about you but I imagine you have faced great challenges in life, and I understand if your pain fuels your anger. Of course it's not your responsibility to educate anyone, but I think you have a unique perspective and I thought it was worth trying to talk things through.

trigger warning - gender questions for a newb 

@SchrodingersCuriousCat @nat
Similarly, we now hear "some men have ovaries," which by eliminating the prefix "trans-", seems intended to override the distinct biological meanings of male & female in favor of a preferred gender theory that is ethereal in nature. I expect this ideological aggressiveness (& intellectual sloppiness) will only lead to further confusion for those stuggling to understand their own experience of sex and gender.

trigger warning - gender questions for a newb 

@SchrodingersCuriousCat @nat
Nat, I very much appreciate your reply because it has a clarity that is often missing in current gender discourse. For example, the phrase "sex assigned at birth" seems intended to blur the biological certainty of male and female (which has very rare exceptions).

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is a weird and wonderful place! 

I could spend all day looking at photos of this church, which was designed by the visionary Antoni Gaudi and still under construction after 134 years. I hope to visit one day.

trigger warning - gender questions for a newb 

@nat @SchrodingersCuriousCat
Nat, thanks for your explanation. While you say gender goes beyond simply societal expectations, you also say that you can only identify femininity and masculinity in yourself according to society's definition of the gender binary.

Would you think it fair to say that gender emerges from one's internalized social experience rather than as an inborn characteristic like biological sex?

trigger warning - gender questions for a newb 

@nat @SchrodingersCuriousCat
Nat, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Can I ask something?

Since the WHO says that "gender refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviour, activities and attributes that a particular society considers appropriate for men and women," it's confusing when people say gender is defined by a person's internal sense.

Do you see gender as imposed by society, as emerging from within, or something else?

Dark humor take on Scripture 

Visiting St Louis l went to the Cathedral Basilica today. It is in the Byzantine style (unusual in the West), rivaling the artistic magnificence of Westminster Cathedral in London (also Byzantine). No paintings...every surface overhead is covered with mosaics.

One shocking malapropism though is the message around the base of this dome. At some angles you miss out the first word “IF”, and all that remains visible is “CHRIST HAS NOT RISEN, YOUR FAITH IS IN VAIN”!

@tmorizot Update: just looked up Jourgensen to learn he was born in Havana, Cuba, so his British accent becomes more realistic to me--like nearby Jamaica, English in Cuba probably derives from the British form...until just now I thought he was from Illinois!

@tmorizot Around that time I dated a young woman who was part of the scene with Al Jourgensen. She had picked up his fake British accent. I was intrigued then...amused now. But even with all the artifice of the image-making, that whole alternative/industrial/electronic/goth subculture was certainly bold and unique.

Your wife must have vivid memories of that DM concert scene!

@tmorizot takes me back, such a specific look/culture/time--remember this lyric from Ministry?
"Well any time, any place, anywhere that I go
All the people seem to stop and stare
They say why are you dressed like it's Halloween?
You look so absurd, you look so obscene"

Thomas Merton on the night (excerpt) 

“I sit in darkness. I sit in human silence. I begin to hear the eloquent night.

The world of this night resounds from heaven to hell with animal eloquence, with the savage innocence of a million unknown creatures.

The enormous vitality of their music pounds and rings and throbs and echoes until it gets into everything, and swamps the whole world in its neutral madness which never becomes an orgy because all things are innocent, all things are pure.”

@tmorizot @tmorizot dude I don’t know what kind of weird power you have but I’m starting to think you’ve haunted my phone with a Depeche Mode theme. Check out what just came up on my tile rack...what?!! This stuff wasn’t happening before! 😄

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