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Deleted poll on morality of sex-selective abortion 

@hope Oh hey, someone pointed out to me that posting a screenshot of another person’s private toot could force it public. I don’t know how to tell the difference, so please let me know if you want me to delete my toot yesterday that included a screenshot of your toot.

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Deleted poll on morality of sex-selective abortion 

To elaborate, when you clicked Show More on my poll, the prompt was shown with this wording: “Are sex-selective abortions morally wrong?” This caused confusion because the CW seemed to imply the question “Are they morally acceptable?” So the respondents could not be sure which way their response would be taken.

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Poll: What’s wrong with sex-selective abortions? 

Voting is anonymous.

What’s wrong with sex-selective abortions?

Deleted poll on morality of sex-selective abortion 

Deleted this poll because of confused wording...thanks @hope for pointing it out.

Poll: Reza Aslan’s controversial tweet suggesting violence 

Should Reza Aslan apologize and delete his controversial tweet about the Covington kid having a “punchable face”? (Your vote is anonymous, but text replies are not).

Reza Aslan’s controversial tweet suggesting violence 

As a rule, most people would not be okay with an adult public figure suggesting physical violence against a 16-year old kid on a large media platform (Reza Aslan has over 275,000 Twitter followers). However, this tweet is still up after four months, despite many complaints.

Thomas Merton quote, Sunrise 

“I look at the rising sun and feel that now upon me falls the responsibility of seeing what all my ancestors have seen…praising God before me. Whether or not they praised him then, for themselves, they must praise him now in me. When the sun rises each one of us is summoned by the living and the dead to praise God.

“When was the last time you went out into nature by yourself?”

Source: "Journal" by Thomas Merton.

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Thomas Merton quote, Sunrise 

“Sunrise is an event that calls forth solemn music in the very depths of man’s nature, as if one’s whole being had to attune itself to the cosmos and praise God for the new day, praise him in the name of all the creatures that ever were or will ever be.”

Driving on I-94 early this morning, I saw this on the overhead electronic sign:


So I thought, who talks like that in the 21st century—come on Illinois let me help you escape from your Starsky and Hutch time warp!

When I later googled “fuzz” I came across a rockin’ 2010 song by Supergrass called “Caught By The Fuzz”.

Still I would bet the sign is using the lingo in the groovy 1969 sense, not the ironic 2010 sense.

Abortion - Poll question #3 

As a rule, abortion law should be determined by:

Abortion - Poll question #2 

Hypothetical question: If all relevant financial concerns were somehow magically provided for, abortion should continue to remain legal in the following cases:

Abortion - Poll question #1 

The purpose of these questions is not to provoke a social media debate, which could only be expected to end in stalemate. The purpose is to explore assumptions and motivations. This is a complex issue and I believe we should assume mutual good faith unless proven otherwise.

Note: My experience on this platform indicates that poll respondents remain anonymous. Text replies, of course, are not anonymous.

Question- Abortion is a:

A really great benefit to having a 5yo is that you can just run your problems by them and get stellar advice.

Me: what do you do when people disagree with you and want to argue?

5yo: nothing!

Me: why nothing?

5yo: because they're just gettin' me all weird


question about how mastodon works 

Here on Mastodon, does following people change what appears in my Local Timeline? That is, do all their replies then show up separately in the LT instead of having to get to them through the original post they are replying to?

Thomas Merton quote 

Thomas Merton speaking to God:

Here I am.

In me the word is present, and you are present.
I am a ink in the chain of light and of presence.

You have made me a kind of center, but a center that is nowhere.
And yet also I am “here”.

“Women civilize men.”

Thomas Merton quote 

“My worship is a blue sky and ten thousand crickets in the deep wet hay of the field. My vow is the silence under their song.”

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