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In college getting a degree in elementary ed. Grew up baptist, now I'm leaning towards contemplative mysticism but I'm still going to a Baptist Church and the most baptist University ever. Met my boyfriend because Baudrillard in policy debate. Love: double exceptionalities, anti-neoliberal movements(esp in education), vacuum's, pumpkin spice, precarity, and royal icing cookies. Dream squad= Hillary McBride, Bob Goff, Giroux, and my middle school cheer coach. 2 on the enneagram

Just want to say thank you @mike for being an example and prioritizing health over work 🖤 hoping for rest and healing for you 🙏


I got grits because I wanted to support this intentional living society that I'm super obsessed with, but now I have literally no idea what to do with them....

Today in my philosophy of Christian education class We started talking about postmodernism. And everyone gives the flippant little Oh they say there's no absolutes, but that very statement is an absolute lololol with the little giggles that are like we're right don't you know. I kind of thought I was going to scream. I just had to like open mastedon and be like "Oh yes there are anti-capitalist feminists in this world that I can truly jive with." These are not the only educators that exist

How can you squish ultimate reality into a Play-Doh fun factory filter of language and think we're anywhere close to it
-pete holmes


"we can't be the golden corral of epistemology" this is everything

there is a peace
in the presence
in the stillness
in the silence
in the quiet
in the calm
in the prayer of a loving heart


I spent so many years learning to trust God that I never allowed the space to trust myself.

You are good.
You are fighting the narratives that say you aren't.
Fighting those narratives shows hope that there is beauty in the journey.

quiet into silence
calm into stillness
pray into justice
love into peace
live into life

Hey everyone, you're beautiful and awesome, and you don't need anyone to tell you that.

Recipe, contains meat 

Hey everyone. Thanks for being here and being weird and wonderful today.

I made this to put above my whiteboard for when I start teaching and I love it so much

Saw this at a dentist office I was doing computer work for today and I love it

I wonder if joshua harris listens to the liturgists.

@clarissa I read your poetry from Easter that got re-tooted forever ago and I just realized you are also actually on mastedon as well, I just wanted to let you know that it has touched me so deeply and I read it all the time, at least three times a week- I made a laptop sticker based on it and I was thinking about getting part of it tattooed. I just found you on here and wanted to say thank you for sharing that part of your heart.

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