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In college getting a degree in elementary ed. Grew up baptist, now I'm leaning towards contemplative mysticism but I'm still going to a Baptist Church and the most baptist University ever. Met my boyfriend because Baudrillard in policy debate. Love: double exceptionalities, anti-neoliberal movements(esp in education), vacuum's, pumpkin spice, precarity, and royal icing cookies. Dream squad= Hillary McBride, Bob Goff, Giroux, and my middle school cheer coach. 2 on the enneagram

Toxic purity culture 

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Toxic purity culture 

The Sunday thing today was beautiful, I was so happy, randomized breakout sessions made me a little nervous (I almost left when it said we were going to be split in groups bc I didn't feel like I would have anything to say) but I am so thankful I didn't. It made me feel not alone and I found that sense of belonging that I have been longing for. I can genuinely say for the first time in so long that I'm excited for next Sunday ❤️❤️❤️

I got engaged this week to my bf of 2 years this week my mom's side of the family was annoyed bc he's not Christian enough, I basically told my mom and dad everything about where I am spiritually, now several members of my family are trying to save me bc they think I'm an atheist since I like Richard rohr... All that to say I love you all on here so much. Thank you for reminding me I'm not alone ❤️

"dear theobrogian" next ep by @mike with Lin Manuel Miranda

Oh my gosh everyone I'm so so happy that they posted tabs in wafers live from Los Angeles. I've only listened to the first three minutes and it's like re living the whole experience of being at pots and wafers and I'm literally in tears already

I didn’t believe on the pod when Mike said you can just forget about Mastadon because there are no aspects to keep your attention.

But I really forgot about it!

So my Halloween costume is that I'm walking a dog in the rain without a dog obvi.... Will post pics later but I thought I should tell y'all since mastedon will be the only people who will get it😂😂 @vishnu @conrad

I just started teaching my church's elementary SS class. My only two lessons are:

You are perfectly made/God loves you exactly as you are, and

In all things, treat others as you want to be treated.

Everything else is just details.

Just want to say thank you @mike for being an example and prioritizing health over work 🖤 hoping for rest and healing for you 🙏


I got grits because I wanted to support this intentional living society that I'm super obsessed with, but now I have literally no idea what to do with them....

Today in my philosophy of Christian education class We started talking about postmodernism. And everyone gives the flippant little Oh they say there's no absolutes, but that very statement is an absolute lololol with the little giggles that are like we're right don't you know. I kind of thought I was going to scream. I just had to like open mastedon and be like "Oh yes there are anti-capitalist feminists in this world that I can truly jive with." These are not the only educators that exist

How can you squish ultimate reality into a Play-Doh fun factory filter of language and think we're anywhere close to it
-pete holmes


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