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KOSMOS by William Matthews is so worth a listen. So so worth a listen!

I have just been reflecting on just how much of an impact being involved in a church community had on my life in a positive way.

I have just been asking myself the question of how people have managed to have a positive/strong community around them even while not going to church at all and/or on a weekly basis.

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@Sam_M What if your focus is not "self," but "self with others." You are a part of the universe and interconnected with all beings. Your actions DO matter and you DO have the ability to cause or relieve suffering. If you think about your life as doing good for others and yourself, you both care for others and yourself, because both actions are a gift to all. Self care is a also a gift to the universe, and compassion and generosity are also gifts to yourself. You can still be devoted to goodness

Living in a different state from your parents and not having told them that you have deconstructed and stopped going to church.

Until months later you get a text as you're chatting to them asking how church was 😮. This is especially when Sunday is no longer synonymous with church attendance.

Oh wow, how have people navigated this?

How did (and/or do) you guys navigate the redefining of self after deconstruction? When the self (& the entirety of life) has always been defined by a God/Faith centre before deconstruction.

Hey! I'm Sam and currently live in Melbourne, Australia. I work as a mechanical engineer and I am an enneagram 2w1 [ENFJ]. I grew up Catholic before becoming a Pentecostal Christian in my teens after going through a painful season. I served at my old church in youth leadership capacities for years before the start of my deconstruction. Articulating my deconstruction is such a difficult, emotional and complex process I am having to actually write the detail down before sharing it.

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